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What is it?

LiftAI is a Facebook controlled automation tool that handles Facebook posts and messages for you. It does this by continuously checking a Facebook page for the latest posts and sends a personalised message to the person once a post has been detected.

It deals with requests from a Facebook page and handles the request with a personalised message. It determines if the post is a request through multiple validation checks in combination with a comparison against the user's preferences.

Messages are sent within 0.5 seconds of when the post was put up, which is key when competing with others.

Who benefited?

Lewis Furmage

  • Facebook

This is way too easy to use. Highly recomended. My money from lifts has over doubled since using this. 💰

Andrew Barton

  • Facebook

A very well done plugin that now works exactly as advertised. Leaps and bounds above any other facebook plugin I've ever worked with 😍👏

Soha Farahnak

  • Facebook

Doing lifts has become so easy. So easy to use. I've seen this being developed from the start so amazing to see it grow.

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